Being an integral part of the company's founding team.

Luminox team co-leads startups’ business development efforts by connecting the company with potential customers, relevant business partners and potential investors.

Some of the challenges that many startups face in this highly competitive space is finding the right partners to work with, beta testing sites, the legal landscape and all too often, a simple foot in the door with large corporates who are often challenging to change. Luminox makes these obstacles easier to overcome with our proven methodologies and strategic partnerships with health care providers, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies and other healthcare stakeholders. We provide startups the access to the healthcare's real world in both knowledge and execution. Creating collaborations that would probably take you a year or two, takes us few months.

After successful beta testing in the local Israeli market, we utilize our Berlin and New York City offices to scale these startups into the global healthcare environment by connecting them to leading healthcare players in the European and American markets.

Practically speaking,

  • We bring smart investments faster
  • We create business opportunities and strategic partnerships faster
  • We create much faster market access


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If you are ready to take your start up to the next level and have a unique and value-innovative solution, we welcome you to approach us to build a Win-Win collaboration.

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