Balancing tradition and innovation to maintain an equilibrium that enables successful execution.

Digital patient-centered healthcare solutions are becoming the backbone of a strategic revolution in the way healthcare is provided and perceived.
Every time consumers interact with any service provider, they have a personal experience that leaves a certain image of both the company and the service itself.
Keeping up with the rapidly changing ecosystem of digital healthcare solutions can be a challenging task. It requires a delicate balance between startup fire of innovation and the cool composed stability of a seasoned corporation.
Being familiar and fully invested with the best of both sides of the equation, Luminox can turn wonderful ideas into large-scale deployed solutions by introducing cutting edge technologies which meet the growing corporate challenges and by leading the process end to end.
There are huge advantages in empowering customers to participate proactively in managing their own care. Active participation reduces costs, improves patient experience, enhances patient-physician relationship and improves the outcome of treatments for the patient.
Innovation in healthcare is a lot more than just creating a "cool, disruptive, solution". There is a very exact and delicate space and pace in which a healthcare organization can innovate, especially if it has the potential to lead to large-scale change.
One of the biggest barriers to innovation in healthcare is that there are many key stakeholders who must be addressed before a company can successfully bring innovation to its patients, customers and intra-organizational audience, each of which must be brought into the process.

Luminox’s deep connections with best of breed value-innovation startups enable us to find the unique innovative match for your organization’s requirements, without needing to re-invent the wheel. Healthcare value-innovation is what these company's do for living. Utilizing it to leverage your organizations evolutional needs, saves you time and money while enabling you to gain the leadership position you seek with less risks and while still keeping pace with your customers changing needs and demands.
A key to our successful Digital-Health ventures is turning customers into partners. We immerse ourselves into each organization to truly understand the needs and to build real value propositions based on fulfilling these needs and not to simply sell a product. Through this process, long term partnerships are built and friendships too...
Our Corporate Network include pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, wellness focused companies, telecom companies, healthcare innovation centers, Venture Capital firms, Ministries of Health, institutes of health policy research, universities and more.

We put special emphasis on the following critical success factors:

  • Solutions should be closely aligned with current, pipeline and futuristic products and wider corporate strategy
  • Value-innovation on two levels: Innovatively connecting existing dots and disruptive innovation
  • Empowering the medical staff's relationship with the patient
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement
  • Providing the medical staff with enhanced capabilities to provide care
  • Positioning you as a premium brand
  • Establishing the brand's innovative culture
  • Increasing revenues
  • Keeping up with the pre-planned timeline is a KPI
  • Connecting physical and digital

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