Our Ecosystem

Luminox is Israel’s leading Digital-Health hub, closing the innovation gap for corporates while closing the business gap for startups.

Healthcare is a complex environment. Luminox has deep and wide understanding of all professional aspects needed for success delivery – a combination of knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields including technology, medical, legal, innovation, data privacy and security, behavioral change science, liability and change management.
Luminox’s deep embedment and understanding of how the system works, what the exact gaps to be addressed are and how to introduce them in a way that they will be embraced, differentiates success from failure in the world of healthcare innovation.
With our portfolio of successes and our global network of partners, we have proven to have the people, technologies and methodologies to crack the path to successful vision, strategy and execution of innovation within different and complex healthcare environments.

Our systematic and structured approach relies on the utilization of our established Ecosystem:

• Startup Arm
• Corporate Network
• Strategic Partners

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