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Successful execution of innovative solutions is not easy to achieve, especially in large-scale.

Today, patient expectations concerning the quality, transparency and availability of healthcare services are setting a higher bar every day. The new generation of digital natives is becoming active and creating a new digital consumerism, which will be the greatest challenge of the years to come.

With a track record of more than 10 years of successful execution of leadership healthcare innovation, Luminox has become a worldwide leader in healthcare innovation - from vision to strategy to execution with excellence.

With offices in Tel-Aviv, Berlin and New York, our team has a deep passion and understanding of the health sector including its traditional values and methodologies.

Luminox is focusing on the major trends that are reshaping the healthcare industry:


  • The rising knowledge on diseases and treatments among the non-professional population, known as health consumerism, derives the shift to a more patient centric approach.
  • Pay for outcomes is on the rise. The on-going collection and interpretation of real world data will be the norm for all interventions, and reimbursement will be based on real world measured effectiveness.
  • The bigger agenda is shifting to prevention. Many governments are beginning to focus on prevention rather than cure.
  • Big Data will lead product development and marketing. Predictive analytics will be used to personalize treatment through creating patient segmentation and individualized patient pathways.
  • The aging population, the soaring burden of chronic disease, and the shortage of professional human resources creates an equation that cannot be solved with current face-to-face based workflows.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our success in implementing digital-health solutions uses a multidisciplinary understanding and approach. This requires the combination of knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields including technology, clinical, legal, innovation, data privacy and security, liability and change management.


Skilled, Knowledgeable and Experienced

Our team of skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professionals deeply understands the challenges and sensitivities related to innovating in the traditional healthcare industry. We know that one of the most crucial issues regarding adoption of innovative solutions is change management. Being a "hot, cool and disruptive" is far from sufficient for changing health behaviors at the individual and population levels.

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